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Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team service is the most popular solution for dynamic companies that regularly innovate and improve their products and services. Working on a particular project, a professional has a possibility to learn clients' requirements and complete them as efficiently as possible.

Scheme of work


  • Skilled specialists working exclusively on your project
  • You are able to select and manage team members for your project
  • You have direct access to each team member
  • Flexible contract timeframes
  • Higher level of project security control, information non-disclosure and confidence.
  • Reasonable price according to your requirements.


  • A variable budget
  • More time for communication and negotiation on the customer side
  • Regular control from the client's part

Management model

If you prefer to have your own management team and use a management methodology you have experience with, GentTech provides you with dedicated team of designers, developers and QAs who will work particularly on your project from its start to completion.

Specialists differentiation and Costs

Employees are divided into 3 groups according to their experience and skills:

  • Junior Developers (up to 3 years of experience)
  • Middle Developers (over 3 years of experience)
  • Senior Developers (over 5 years of experience with advanced skills in particular technologies)

Method description

There are three steps of delivering high-quality service.

We estimate client's requirements to secure proper project communications to the dedicated team. This process consists of two fundamental actions:

  1. Defining the infrastructure and personnel requirements
  2. Defining the project and activity taking into account customer's expectations

Contract preparing that includes all required information (terms, rates and agreements concerning the project).

Dedicated team establishment which includes hiring developers, providing them with necessary hardware, software, office space and other services.